We are a premium 3D NFT cards destination. Through these NFT cards we aim to tell mini stories about E2 and its community. We are focused on quality and rare NFTs, thus creating maximum possible value. Our unique card design and quality ensures that these cards will continue to hold their premium over time and provide for a great collection experience. Our card rarity levels (drawing inspiration from Earth2 tile classes) helps drive scarcity and aspirational value among collectors. We believe that all these factors combined will create long term value for all involved stakeholders.

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Why choose Earth2.Cards?

Social responsibility

20% of all profits go to a charity every month. By buying cards, you support the wider community in addition to owning a piece of history.

Rotating, rendered cards

The cards we offer are not just images – they come fully rendered and rotate in 3D. In addition, there are 5 rarities of cards, making them unique and limited.

BlockChain Integration

Our trading cards are minted on the blockchain, making them safe, secure and not subject to real-world inflation. We use Atomichub, a well known NFT platform.

Our Card Classes

Class 5 – Common

100 Cards per series, starting at $1

Class 4 – Rare

50 Cards per series, starting at $3

Class 3 – Unique

30 Cards per series, starting at $5

Class 2 – Epic

14 Cards per series, starting at $15

Class 1 – Legendary

6 Cards per series, starting at $25

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