Thomas Stream

20:00PM UTC

Thomas Marcon: the beloved E2 community manager. There will be 5 classes of Thomas NFT cards with 5 different illustrations including avatars he has used in his online appearances. There will be some exclusive pictures for the NFTs which are loaded with Thomas’s story and about him.

7 people will be winning the legendary! The drops that will follow won’t have a legendary but will start from epic (class 2). To win the legendary, people need to solve 7 riddles. After the 7th riddle, they will find a link for a form that they can complete to claim the prize. They can use all the time (or days) they need.

The announcement of this and discussion will be on live stream and this is the program for Thomas live stream


20:00 UTC – 13:00 Pacific Time – 16:00 Eastern Time – 01:30 Mumbai – 04:00 Beijing – 22:00 Berlin


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